EAD validation

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Two validators have been customized for use by grant participants to ensure compliance with the best practice guidelines.

  1. The UMA EAD Report Card
    • This validator is a customized version of the original RLG Report Card.
    • It is available on-line through a Web interface.
    • It only works with finding aids encoded in the EAD 2002 DTD, requiring conversion to the EAD schema following validation and error correction.
  2. The UMA BPGilyzer
    • This validator is a Windows-based desktop application, customized from the University of California tool.
    • It must be downloaded and installed to be used.
    • It works with EAD documents encoded in either the EAD 2002 DTD or the EAD 2002 Schema.

Instructions for the use of the validator developed by Cheryl Walters, as well as instructions for uploading EAD files into CONTENTdm, are available here.